What Does an Alternator do?

Basic vehicle education is just as important as what car you buy. So, our crew of experts at Audi Downtown LA wanted to give you some basics on an important part of your vehicle: the alternator.

An alternator can be thought of a cell phone charger of sorts. Without it, the battery in your car will die, just like your cell phone battery would die. Every time you turn your key in the ignition, a charge from the battery is used to start the car. If the battery is used too much without getting recharged from the alternator, it can die and leave the driver stranded.

A typical alternator will last somewhere in the neighborhood of 125,000 miles or seven years, whichever of these two figures should come first. Want us to test your alternator or need another form of car service or maintenance? We're the team to do everything you need at Audi Downtown LA!



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