The Reasons Your Car's Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

These are some of the reasons that the tire pressure indicator on your car's dash is staying lit. It could be that you ran over a screw or nail on the road and the head simply was cut off from driving with it stuck in the tire. Air's going to keep escaping even though you can't see or find the obstruction. The sooner you bring the car in to be looked at, the better.

Air could also be naturally escaping the tires at a rate of a pound a month. If the temperature drops significantly, one pound of air pressure in the tires will drop for every ten degrees the air temperature gets colder. Check the tires each morning to see if weather could be the reason.

Bring your car to our Audi service facility in Los Angeles, CA if the pressure light is on because it could be something wrong with the tires that needs immediate attention.

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