The Right Way to Fix a Flat Tire

Whether your tire goes flat when your car is in your driveway or you're on your way to an appointment, it may take several hours for your automobile club service to arrive. Here are some tips from our service department at Audi Downtown LA for safely changing that flat tire yourself.

Get the car jack and spare tire from the trunk and make sure you are parked on pavement rather than grass or dirt. Engage the parking brake and make sure the engine has been turned off. Loosen the tire lug nuts before lifting up the car at least six inches using the jack.

Use a wrench to remove the lug nuts and put them and the flat tire aside. Put on the spare tire aligned with the wheel bolts, add the lug nuts and tighten. Slowly lower your vehicle to the ground, putting all tools back into the trunk.

Bring your car to our handy Audi service station for repair or replacement of your tires soon.

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