Protect Motorists by Following Move Over Laws

The Move Over Law stands in all 50 states and it is helping to reduce the number of highway fatalities that occur annually. The Move Over Law only has drivers either slow down or move over when passing a stopped vehicle on the side of the road, but it make a huge difference for Los Angeles, CA commuters.

A few small actions on your part is all that it takes to help reduce the number of fatalities on our roads every year. We want to remind you here at Audi Downtown LA that there is such a law and that it needs to be followed. If you can't get into the other lane, you need to at least slow down by 15 mph when passing a vehicle or person who is at the side of the road.

Take our advice and follow the law. You don't want to be the one to add another fatality to the number that already exists. Slow down, move over, and prevent another unnecessary death.

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