Radiator Fan Options

Without lots of cool air flowing over your radiator core and your motor, overheating is an inevitable result. While your motor can get plenty of air while it cruises down highways, when it is at rest, it is a different story. On warm - or even cold - days, a car sitting at rest generates a lot of engine heat, and without an effective fan at work, overheating will rear its head.

Because of this, it is important for you to select fan designs that are right for your vehicle-type, motor, and driving habits. For example, if you drive smaller cars with fewer energy demands than larger vehicles, you probably need a smaller fan with an accompanying fan-shroud to maximize air-flow. If you drive larger vehicles that generate more heat, you may need larger blades or even a multiple-fan system.

Whichever system your cooling-network needs, our Audi certified and experienced service personnel are ready to help you build and maintain it. Visit us today at our Audi parts shop location for a no-pressure conversation about your radiator-fan needs.

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