Audi RS 3: The Braking and All-Wheel Drive Features

One of the favorites among the luxury performance sedans class is the Audi RS 3. It is known for having high performance features and a unique roaring motor. Two of its systems that keep it hugging the road are its braking options and the all-time all-wheel drive.

The quattro all-wheel drive has no set torque distribution. It is always detecting driving conditions and adjusting to provide the maximum grip while still maintaining control. When needed, the system will send more power to the back wheels.

You get to choose which braking platform you want in your Audi RS 3. The standard is the eight-piston monobloc brake calipers with 370 mm ventilated discs. Both options reduce weight deficiencies and the fade.

If you want to hear the motor and experience the control of this high performance luxury sedan, visit our showroom here at Audi Downtown LA in Los Angeles, CA. Our team is ready to set you up today.

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