What if Your Brakes are Slow to Respond?

Your brakes are your only method of stopping your vehicle when you are driving. Sure, in some vehicles you can depend on your engine to slow you down by stepping off the accelerator, and in others, you can use your emergency brake, but your foot brake is your essential system to stop your car in a typical emergency.

Your brake system is a closed system. When you press the brake pedal, you are activating a system that applies pressure to the wheel hubs to bring you to a stop. If your brake system does not respond quickly, you are in danger and so are others. A sluggish response of your brakes indicates a leak along the system, which means the system is no longer closed. Ignoring the problem will cause the leak to expand.

Bring your vehicle to our Audi parts and repair facility here in Los Angeles immediately when you get a sluggish response.

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