How to Tell if Your Car's Fuel Pump is Failing

If the fuel pump in your vehicle is failing, you can spot certain signs when you know what to look for. These are just a few obvious signs of fuel pump trouble, compiled for you by the Audi repair team at Audi Downtown LA.

The car will start surging when you are traveling at high speeds. Similar to when you give the car gas, the vehicle will surge then fall back, and do this repeatedly while driving. If you are trying to tow another vehicle, you will feel a serious drop in power when the fuel pump is failing. This happens when you are hauling heavy items too.

Regardless the time of year, if your vehicle begins to sputter like the fuel is low, it might be the fuel pump has lost the ability to send the right mount of gas to the engine. Don't wait until you are stranded; come by our auto repair shop in Los Angeles, California and we can do a fuel system checkup to identify the trouble.

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