Spotting Potential Brake Troubles in Your Vehicle

You don't have to be a brake mechanic to be able to know that there is trouble with the brake system in your vehicle. If you haven't come to the Audi Downtown LA for a brake inspection after 12,000 miles, then pay close attention to the following and get to the service center as soon as possible.

Bring in your vehicle for a brake inspection if:
1. The vehicle bounces up and down when you hit the brake pedal.
2. Your vehicle is pulling to one side each time you depress the brake pedal.
3. Looking at the ground under your vehicle you notice a puddle of brake fluid leaking from the hoses or calipers.
4. When braking, you notice a squeaking, grinding, or squealing sound.
5. The brake indicator light on the vehicle dashboard stays on while driving.
6. If you depress the brakes quickly, the pedal is especially soft or spongy.
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