Maintaining Your Car for Holiday Travel

Now that the holidays are underway, you'll probably be on the road visiting loved ones. This means that your car should be functioning at its best. The Audi Downtown LA service team is here to help you have a merry holiday travel season!

Be sure to talk to your mechanic about having your tires rotated. The tires on the front of the car tend to get worn faster, so have your tires checked to make sure there are no tears or leaks. If you've gotten your tires rotated once or twice, it may be time to have the tires replaced before getting on the road. Have your battery inspected as well. When the weather changes, your battery can sometimes contract or expand, and this can affect the way your car runs. Ask your mechanic to get rid of corrosion or debris around the battery as well, or have the battery replaced if necessary before taking a long trip.

Routine maintenance on your car like oil changes are also necessary when you're preparing for the holidays. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that your holiday plans aren't ruined by car trouble.

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