Traveling With Food This Holiday Season

It's the holidays again, which means that you and your family will be enjoying some delicious foods prepared by the people you love the most. If you're traveling for the holidays, keep these tips in mind to make sure that your luxury car or SUV remains free of food stains.

You can line the bottom of your car's floor with a large beach towel so that if food spills from its containers, the food will reach the towel before it gets onto your car's interior. You can also use large plastic bags for this purpose. Be sure to line the top of dishes and bowls with plastic wrap or aluminum foil before putting the lid on. This will keep nasty spills from happening, and will help to keep your food warm. If you're traveling with lots of food, have a family member or friend sit in the back seat to make sure that all the food containers remain intact.

From the Audi Downtown LA family to yours - Happy holidays!

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